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    $79.99 $59.99

    Stargazers or pink oriental lilies in glass vase with 3 or 4 red roses, pink alstros and fillers like waxflower if available.

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    $69.99 $49.99

    Arrangement of yellow blooms with bright yellow Lilies, alstroemeria, carnations and chrysanthemums in a square glass vase

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    $74.99 $54.99

    White Oriental Lilies and blue belladonna arranged all-around in vase with some greens and no filler. Ok to use dark purple larkspur if belladonna not available.

  • $115.99

    White Asiatic lilies, red roses and white stock arranged tall and full in a clear vase with a few greens

  • $79.99

    All white oriental lilies with regular and mini carnations arranged tall and one-sided in a brown basket with greens as salal and oregonia

  • $84.99

    All White lilies, roses, stock or larkspur arranged close together in a round brown wicker basket with assorted greens and white filler

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    $84.99 $64.99

    Pink roses and pink oriental lilies arranged all-around in a glass bubble bowl. Add a few greens, no fillers.

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    $89.99 $69.99

    Natural flower basket with handle containing white oriental lilies, red carnations, red mini-carns, filler flowers and a couple of small American flags.

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    $84.99 $64.99

    Red roses , pink asiatic lilies and white stock arranged in a clear glass vase with assorted greens

  • $64.99

    Red roses, red carnations and white lilies arranged compact and all-around in a clear vase with a red bow and assorted greens.

  • $89.99

    12 red roses with pink asiatic lilies arranged in a clear glass vase with seeded eucalyptus and variegated pittosporum only

  • $49.99

    Pink flowers arranged all-around in clear glass vase. Lilies, carns and small pink roses if avail. Use greens. NO fillers.

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